The Ice Hockey Annual believe that this sport needs:

  • A strong, independent, national governing body.
  • A national men's senior team in the top 16 of the world rankings.
  • Better coaching at all age levels.
  • One national league.
  • Partnerships between the governing body and (bodies representing) the leagues, players, media, officials and fans.


Stewart Roberts, who compiles, edits and publishes the Annual, has written about ice hockey ever since he first fell in love with the game as a fan of the Brighton Tigers in the 1960s.
He has written for national newspapers including the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times and has reported on several World Championships for the Daily Telegraph.
He is a member of the Sports Journalists Association, an honorary member of Ice Hockey Journalists UK and a trustee of the Ice Hockey Players Benevolent Fund. He was publicity officer for the British Ice Hockey Association (now Ice Hockey UK) during the 1980s.
In June 2013 he was proud and honoured to have been inducted into British ice hockey's Hall of Fame by the members of Ice Hockey Journalists UK.